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A Secret History

20 October
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Ex-Teacher, recent recruit to offshore banking.
Live on the Isle of Man with my boyfriend magicwanderer. Have also lived in England, Wales, New Zealand, Russia and Germany. I came to the island in 2002 for a teaching position in Castletown but it didn't work out, however I found the love of my life here and decided to stay . I now live in the big city of Douglas.
I studied German and Russian at Manchester University, then did a PGCE in German at Bangor. Worked in Cologne for two years, then came to the Isle of Man(I certainly move about a bit). My posts are a mix of friends' only and public.
I also maintain the televisionfree community.
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User Number: 1096904
Date Created:2003-06-04
Number of Posts: 354

Handrejka is a small but perfectly formed Slavophile. She is likely to go off on tangents or listen out for innuendo in any conversation you have with her but she is generous and non-judgmental.
Strengths: Friendly,bright, cheerful in the morning,multilingual
Weaknesses: Untidy in the extreme, innuendo obsessed, indecisive,prone to mood swings and has a penchant for men with hairy chests and addiction to canada dry.
Special Skills: Speaking languages which either died out decades ago or no one has heard of. Ability to live in a pigsty and not complain. Always gets a laugh for her Audience Participation at Rocky Horror. Good at keeping secrets.
Weapons: The appearence of innocence...
Motto: "This is not a sin, it's not even original"

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